Lego Bag

I get a lot of looks and quite a few comments on my lego bag. On the subway, in shops, waiting rooms, etc.

Here are my FAQs:

  • no, sadly I didn’t make it myself. I’d love to claim this idea, but it wasn’t mine. It is made by a Hungarian designer named Szilas Rita. I saw the bag in a small shop called La Masni in Budapest. I knew immediately I needed to have it.
  • yes, the bricks are removable. You can make your own design.
  • no, I don’t change the design every day, but occasionally. So far I’ve had a space invader, a tetris scene, a QR code of this URL, a few random patterns I liked and now Pikachu.
  • yes, children love it
  • yes, I imagine it’s easy to make yourself but a) I felt that this simple yet brilliant idea had to be rewarded and b) I know how clumsy I am and how difficult it would be to find just the right sized bag
  • yes, I sometimes lose bricks, when I brush up against people and things. I can tell the sound of lego hitting the floor from several meters away. I now use mostly flat bricks, because they are more difficult to remove.


handbag with legos in tetris design

My lego bag, when it was still fairly new


some more interesting facts:

  • the brown baseplate is rare nowadays. I suspect the designer used one from her childhood. A lego store clerk in Hamburg told me that they get very good prices on ebay, apparently.
  • I went all around Iceland in the summer of 2015 and only lost a single brick, a grey flat one, despite climbing around several lava fields, into a gorge, around rocks to get closer to waterfalls, etc. etc.

Edited to add:

I’ve had the bag for such a long time now, that it looks much worse than during its Tetris time. Here’s a recent photo from September 2015:

lego bag

I occasionally overstuffed the bag, so two of the holes which fix the lego baseplate to the bag tore. It’s loose now at the top and the top right corner. For a while I considered getting another baseplate and simply fixing it to the other side. But now I also discovered that the strap has started to tear on one side. So maybe there’s not that much time left for this favourite bag of mine.

Based on a suggestion of somebody (I don’t remember who), I was going to make a QR-code of lego bricks on it, so people would find this page, if they scanned it. But then we moved and I gave away all my legos.

I learned that the french word for lego bricks is briques (unsurprisingly).

Edit No. 2 from May 2016:

In April 2016 a new lego store opened up in les halles. I finally bought a new baseplate, beige, this time, and took the bag to the nicest cordonnier in town. He fixed the new baseplate on to the bag and repaired the strap as well. I went back to the lego store to buy some stones for my QR code project. Et voilà:

lego bag

The QR code should lead to this page. I wonder if anyone will actually try it out or if people are too discrete to take pictures of bags on the street.



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