Settling in

It’s October! We’ve been here for a month now and I think this blog, like our French adventure is coming to an end.

We’ve unpacked our boxes and assembled all the furniture. We even built a house from two of the boxes and had the triplets over to decorate it. And eat cake inside it. In short: we are settling in.

Before decoration

We’ve had adults over as well and had real sit down dinners with real chairs and everything. Yesterday some of Gergö’s family came by for a visit. Gergö asked them to bring the boxes we had stowed away in the cellar. We didn’t remember how many there were. I thought maybe two boxes, so realistically four because that’s how my brain works.

In the end there were four boxes of mostly books, but surprisingly also clip on cat ears, plastic elf ears and my CueCat as well as a few pictures and a box of postcards and photos I apparently had wanted to keep. I also found a ziplock bag of cash – some Forint and 10 British Pounds, a Barbados Dollar and some old Slovakian currency that is no longer valid.

Now I really need to finish painting the Billy shelf that I got from my mum. It was a bit yellowed, so I thought I’d spruce it up a bit with some colour. I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching videos of cheerful people painting old furniture and then sanding it to make it look vintage. I have no intention of making Billy look more vintage than it is, I just found out that chalk paint is really easy to handle and even sticks to the plastic veneer. And while browsing in the hardware store I also bought chalkboard paint and metallic paint that makes magnets stick to the painted surface.

So far I’ve only painted the boards, not the rest.

We’ve started getting back in touch with friends in Vienna and already are regulars at a Thursday night pub quiz. We suck at music round, but won the quiz twice and somehow scored a ticket to the Austrian pub quiz championship.

Now that I have time to catch up with friends and family I get asked a lot what has changed and what stayed the same and what do I miss.

A weird thing I noticed is that I still have the impulse to get my ticket out of my bag whenever I get on a bus or metro. And boarding a bus via the back door seems wrong to me. I still have the urge to greet the bus or tram driver whenever I board. I had to get used to saying “Bonjour” all the time to everybody, now it’s difficult to stop.

There still are a lot of places where you can smoke in Vienna and it never stops to surprise me. The café in the shopping mall where we do our weekly food shopping has a smoking section. The Serbian restaurant that does delicious Pljeskavica has a smoking section and the one time Gergö and I had lunch there we were the only people in the non-smoking section. We were also the only people not saying “Dobar dan” when we arrived. I also was alone in the non smoking section of a coffee house on the green market that sells everything by the kilo. This week there’s a petition to sign at the magistrate asking to finally ban smoking in all cafés, restaurants and bars and I’ll certainly sign it.


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