Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

I’m still very much in love with Paris in summer.

Street art in Paris is so fucking classy.

I took a photo of the discarded matress as we were on our way to the cinema. Lost in Frenchlation shows a French film with English subtitles every week. That way I get to enjoy a bit of French culture, get to feel like I understand French (because of the subtitles) and broaden my horizon, because it’s not films I’s usually choose, I think.

I also posted this image on facebook and only because my sister commented: “beautiful song” it occurred to me to google it and so I found out it’s a song title, not just someone cleverly making a statement about consumerism and the transience of feelings in our modern time.

The cinema is in Montmartre and they always say that the cinema scene from Amélie was shot in this cinema. It’s a just 5 minutes from the tourist masses of Pigalle. In a quieter side street were people hung out outside with their wine and pastis all classy and Parisian.

Because we walked along the other Seine bank with my mum, we found out about all the bars that opened up over there. On a particularly warm and sunny evening we decided to try out one of those places. Most were already full as we showed up around 7. We ended up on a boat – the petit bain. It’s so hip, it has its own tattoo artist and massage therapist that does quantum therapy (We couldn’t figure out what that means, which adds to the hiness factor, doesn’t it?). There was also a DJ and not enough tables, so we ended up on a few chairs looking out over the Seine bank drinking beer and eating wraps prepared by two refugee chefs.

The place is very photogenis, but I think we are unfortunately too old / unhip for the loud music and lack of tables. And too sceptical for quantum healing.

After dinner in the evening sun we walked past a sorbet stall that advertised that it would freshly prepare your sorbet. Of course I had to get one.

Et voilà rasperry strawberry sorbet with oreo cookie, to be enjoyed ice cold on the Seine bank.

It’s not all food porn and ice cream, though. Once we met up in the 11th district (okay, it was for dinner, but I didn’t take a photo of the food, so it was probably not as pretty) and on my way to the meeting place I took photos of all the street art.


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