Retour de Vienne

I returned from 10 days in Vienna yesterday morning. I managed to get sick again, just like last time I visited. I blame flying and dry air and these things.

I only met with a few people this time, mostly because I was sick and tried to not overdo it. But also because I had inadvertently chosen another long holiday weekend for my visit. The October 26th is a national holiday, and so is the November 1st. A lot of people went away for the weekend. I only booked the flight because it was very cheap. I splurged all the money saved on a taxi to the airport in the morning, because 6:40 is just so damn early to fly.

Most days I thought I’d stay home and recover and ended up getting bored and restless and decided to visit the triplets or meet someone after all. I also went to an afternoon Amanda Palmer concert. I was too slow to buy tickets for the evening show. Because it sold out so quickly she scheduled a second show at 4 pm. It was so early, she brought her son on stage. And being Amanda Palmer she breastfed him for a little bit while playing Eisbär on piano in a lullaby version. People to the left and right of me were pretty incredulous. I think not because of the exposed boob. It’s Vienna after all, where there are nude bathing areas on the danube island. I think they thought it odd she would bring a little kid on stage, where it’s loud and bright and just not particularly kid friendly.

The concert was great, but it didn’t help with the recovery. Neither did the Sturm I felt I had to drink. It’s the season after all and it’s not something we get in Palaiseau.

All during my coughing and sneezing time I visited the triplets and helped my sister taking them home from kindergarten. She said they are sick all the time anyway, so my cold won’t make much of a difference. They are still adorable and very lively. With their identical rain suits they get a lot of looks from passers by. “Are those twins? No triplets!!” My mum calls them turbo girls. They are in the phase were they often don’t want to get in the pram, don’t want to walk, and want to be carried. I can lift them onto my shoulder now, but it’s hard work. They don’t really hold on and tend to lean back a bit. Add to that the fact that there’s an empty pram to push, the walk home from kindergarten usually ended up in sweat (mine) and tears (not mine). No blood though, so that’s something.

On one afternoon I met up with all my siblings for coffee. The four of us took the triplets home and it was noticeably easier when there were as many adults as there are kids. We had fun this evening, we danced to a ram sam sam, because my niece loves it. We looked at books and practised saying at-se (cat) at every animal. The nieces were really fascinated by their baby cousin and were really sweet with him (most of the time). We had spaghetti and cleaned off spaghetti off every surface and a lot of body parts afterwards. They can’t say my name yet, but they say Ena, which is good enough for me :-D

I took lots of photos and even video skyped with Gergö once. One video I took I shared with my family: It’s of one niece helping her sister put on pants. My sister still doesn’t want to raise YouTube stars, which is understandable. But also a bit of a pity with material like that.

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