Au septième ciel des nerds

I don’t know how Gergö stumbled upon it, but he found a place in Paris called “dernier bar avant la fin du monde”, the French equivalent to the restaurant at the end of the universe. So on Sunday we went to visit it.dernier bar avant la fin du mondeIt’s exactly the kind of geeky/nerdy place I had hoped. Our waitress had one earring with a Koopa Troopa (the turtle you have to jump on from Super Mario Land) and one with a magic box. And they serve pan-galactic gargle blaster. They have table top games available, game afternoons on Sunday and quiz nights on Wednesdays.

Opposite me was a screen playing movie, computer game, and table top game trailers, and ever so often an ad for a geek dating site. Amazingly, the site has geek categories (film, tv, literature, comic, manga, science, etc). The food and drinks were not earth shatteringly great, just fine, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I also learned that there’s a ghostbusters table top game. I was also reminded that I meant to watch S.O.S. Fantômes, as it is called in French but somehow never got around to it.

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