La rentrée scolaire

My French course only started two weeks ago. Next week the autumn holidays start and we already get a break. I moved the courses around so I’d only have to go to class on two days. On the plus side, I don’t have to get to the other side of town on Monday morning. On the downside, my Friday course now starts at 9 am and I don’t leave until noon. By the end of the second course we are all wearing our coats and scarves because the classroom gets so chilly.

There are lots of new faces in the course and a lot of different countries of origin. I find it tremendously interesting, that there are women from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Guinea Bissau, Marocco, Syria, Egypt and Iran.

We have to do “getting to know each other” games, of course. I usually hate them. I always end up after three women who just said “married, two children” and say something like “not married, no children” and it ends up sounding a little sad. I’m really happy with this situation though, I assure you.

This year the games were more in the vein of “finding things in common” and “finding things that are different”. That turned out to be quite interesting. Also I learned that Far East is called l’Extrême-Orient and Middle East is called Moyen-Orient.

I’m also hoping for another round of “bring a speciality of your country” this year. There were some delicious baked goods last Christmas.

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