Mon chaud manchot

The day after Parc Astérix we went to the zoo. Paris has two Zoos, a smaller one that is next to the botanical garden and a bigger one a little further outside, close to the bois de Vincennes. It doesn’t have as many species as some of the zoos we visited, but the enclosures are much better, I found. Huge and often with more than one species inside.

Just as we came by the enclosure, the sea lions were being fed. So we stopped and watched, took photos (my niece) and listened (Gergö and I). The sea lions are called otarie in French, not lion de mer. Next on our path and also being fed next were the penguins. Although in French they are called manchot. There is the French word pengouin but it refers to guillemots (Alk in German) which are birds that can fly. I saw a lot of them in Iceland last summer. Guillemot is also really close to the French word guillemet which refers to the French quotation marks « ».

So in order to learn the new vocabulary and finally memorize these words I repeated “manchot, otarie” to myself. Gergö asked “Who are you calling a hot sea lion?” (Get it?!!)

My favourite part of the zoo is the giant rock which works really nice as a dramatic backdrop for photos.


And the tropical glass house. This time it wasn’t even noticably warmer inside than outside. It’s huge and a lot of birds fly around freely. There are also sloths climbing on the inside of the roof. And there’s an aquarium with manatees inside.

The flora of inside the glass house is pretty impressive too

The flora of inside the glass house is pretty impressive too

tortoises doing it

I’d also like to include this picture to commemorate the fact that whenever my brother visits a zoo with tortoises, they are doing it. Very slowly.

bush dog / Waldhund

Other memorable animals we saw: dogs that seem to be related to either sausages or very small bears. They are called bush dogs / Waldhunde.

The giraffe enclosure is very big and also contains ostriches

The giraffe enclosure is very big and also contains ostriches. They seem to be permanently saying “Hi, I’d like to add you to my personal network on linkedIn!”


That’s also a photo of the giraffe enclosure (hence the elevated feeder hanging from the tree, the zookeepers aren’t sadists). The deer (maybe kudu?) also live there and so does this bird who appears to be practising to become a cult leader.

The zoo also has a little botany section we looked at, mostly to remind outselves how depressing the state of our balcony is.



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