Les orages d’été

On Saturday I went to Graz. While P. was doing yoga, I wandered around the nearby market and admired the fruit and vegetables.

blueberries and red currants

I bought some rasperries, blueberries and blackberries.


Afterwards I had coffee in a shady courtyard. I love that here you can get Häferlkaffee (a mug of coffee), which contains more milk than coffee.



After yoga there was a vegan raw food brunch picknick in Volksgarten. If I posted anything like this on Twitter, I’m fairly sure I’d get 25 new bots to follow me for this collection of buzzwords ;-)

photo by P

food photo by P (her speciality :-)

We had plans to go to ÖAMTC, the Austrian equivalent of AAA after brunch, because P.’s car’s undercarriage cover was coming loose and made terrible noises. She winced every time there was a little bump in the road. Driving in Graz we even  noticed that people on the street turned around to look at the car. The AAA were open but couldn’t help us in the remaining 45 minutes until closing.

P. was slowly freaking out, worried about the car and how to return home without major losses of important bits of car. There’s a building site with a very bumpy stretch of road along our route home. When we returned to the picknick spot to pick up a forgotten yoga mat we mentioned our adventures with the loud car. We were incredibly lucky to be talking to somebody who had time, tools, a workshop and was willing to help us out.

We went back to his workshop together, where he lifted the car and reattached the cover. I always thought that the depiction of mechanics in films is exaggerated. But on this afternoon I learned that 5 minutes underneath a car is enough to get oily dirt everywhere – face, neck, awesome cthulhu tshirt, everywhere.

The kind person who saved our day turned out to be an artist working with wood in an awesome workshop in a courtyard with a huge walnut tree. He’s also a musician in the Vine Alley who just released an album. Their new video contains bears and strongly reminds me of Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving.

We ended the evening with a little walk in the area. It’s a really beautiful area, if it weren’t for the lack of decent cell phone reception.


I grew up in Styria myself, but I’d never heard about this strange Styrian custom before:


Apparently you put a stork with presents in your friends’ gardens when they have a baby. If you hit a round birthday people also might put signs in your front garden. Or in this case, a giant wooden lego batman:


On Sunday we had breakfast in the garden, with berriesberries with yoghurt

garden in weiz

In the afternoon we went for a quick swim in a nearby lake. Just as we left the water the dark clouds that had been threatening all day started to come in.

dark clouds threatening

We decided to wait out the approaching storm in a nearby pizza place. We caught the first drops walking there. We had dinner watching the rain come down in sheets.

heavy rain

We came home to a house without electricity. Right when I started to worry about the freezer while P. was checking the fuses it came back on.




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