Deuxièmes visiteurs

I realised I have to blog about my other visitors before my third set of guests arrive in half an hour. And before I forget everything about the visit.

J & C arrived a couple of days after my mum left. They weren’t quite as lucky as my mum as far as the weather was concerned.  We visited the Parc de la Villette, a park right behind the science museum. From the park you can see the big glass sphere called Géode that houses the imax cinema, I think, and the submarine as well.

At the moment it’s fun fair time, so there were a couple of carousels and rides in the park. Even when there’s no fun fair it’s a pretty interesting place. We had a little picknick, or pique-nique, as you say here, next to a giant bicycle from which only bits and pieces stick up from the ground.

We went for dinner along the canal the Saint Martin, a very nice area. In summer everyone plays petanque and pique-niques along the canal. It’s starting to get warm enough to do that during the day, but the evenings are still too cool.

We also went back to the Butte aux Cailles. You know, the place with all the street art:

But we didn’t eat at Chez Gladines, the famous Basque restaurant that is suprisingly affordable. We went to le temps de cerises, a restaurant that’s a co-op with uplifting socialist art, a worker’s mosaics in the entrance and an anti-cell phone policy. It’s all in memory of the Paris commune of 1871, “a radical socialist and revolutionary government that ruled Paris from 18 March to 28 May 1871”.


The weather on Sunday was very cold and wet, so our visit to the big flea market st. ouen was cut pretty short.

20160424_132703 20160424_132714

I refrained from buying anything, but I enjoyed the experience without Gergö being next to me reiterating that we don’t need more stuff. I also appear to not have taken a lot of photos. I suspect it’s because you are not supposed to take photos of the beautiful vintage dresses we admired and because my camera sometimes doesn’t save a picture, if I close the camera again too quickly.

We also visited a tiny vegetarian restaurant called Krishna Bhavan in Little India. It’s an area close to gare du nord with a lot of restaurants and take aways and supermarkets. Rue cail was decorated with orange lanterns which made me assume it’s some festival. I did some googling and it turns out it’s no festival, it’s just Christmas decorations that a local shop had handed out in 2014 and that people had decorated their windows with. The restaurant was really good, I think. Certainly not expensive. It’s just that my memory of it is completely overshadowed by the giant poster of a chubby blue-skinned baby that stared down on us from a wall calendar while we were eating. Click at your own risk.

The weather, which hadn’t been great to begin with, completely let out on Tuesday: There was a hail storm.

The white bits isn't the hail, but the flower petals from the trees.

The white bits isn’t the hail, but the flower petals from the trees. It was still pretty crazy, though.

I had stayed at home that last day of my friends’ visit, because I had to catch up with work and they wanted to visit the catacombs which I had already seen – no chance. The queue was really long even in the bad weather. It appears the one time I went in February, when there was no queue at all, I was much luckier than I appreciated at the time. Early February might not be great for a visit temperaturewise, but the queues are certainly better.


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