Offrir du tofu au diable

After my little bout of existential crisis / self pity, I’m much better. Thanks for your concern :-)

I went to Gergö’s bank and they accepted the lease as proof of address and the other document I needed was something I could print out myself. And I did it all in French to boot. I’m half way through bureaucracy jungle, I believe.

Plus, I am really enjoying my French classes at the moment, I learn a lot and I feel like the progress between Christmas and today was much bigger than between October and Christmas.

Last week, we talked about figures of speech and everyone had to mime one they were assigned. Everyone else had to guess the figure of speech and then the meaning of it.

I used to hate miming, when playing Activity, for example. But ever since my sign language courses I enjoy it much more. My phrase was easy to mime as well: couper les cheveux en quatre, which literally translates to cutting hair four ways and figuratively means splitting hairs.

After our round of French figures of speech, everyone had to explain one from their mother tongue. I went for “ins Fettnäpfchen steigen” and tried to translate it as “mettre son pied dans un bol de graisse”. In English you put your foot in your mouth and in french you put it on the plate. Feet in inappropriate places are involved in all versions.

I also really liked a Portuguese one: “you still use ph” referring to old fashioned spelling of words, so it’s basically telling someone their views are old fashioned and / or outdated. My absolute favourite though was a Chinese colleague who said that you can use “offering tofu to the devil”. She explained that you use that if someone tries to do something that’s a bad idea and bound to fail. I totally needed the explanation, too, because I wasn’t sure if the devil maybe would like tofu or not. What do I know about his tastes? To me it could just as easily have turned out to be “making a deal with the devil” instead.


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