Arrête! C’est ici, l’empire de la mort.

I did some more touristy things last week with my visitor. We went to see the Cité de Science – the Science museum. After visiting a decent number of them, the visual proof that a2 + b2 = c2 doesn’t excite me as much (though it is cool). They had an exhibition on cats and dogs that was cute, but a bit too childish, even for Gergö and me. There was an indoor garden that looked promising but then didn’t deliver. I think it’s used for teaching.

On Monday we visited the museum of the middle ages, mostly because they exhibit a tapisserie “The woman and the Unicorn”. It’s their most prominent exhibit. I sadly forgot to take a picture of a unicorn wearing headphones. It’s what they use for the audio guide. Unicorn Headphones would be a good album title for my imaginary band, though.

Another day we visited the catacombs. When we tried that in summer the line was huge, basically once around the entire building that houses the entrance. February is good for impatient visitors, because we waited for zero minutes. The catacombs are really interesting. For one there’s some information on the strata that make up Paris and how they were formed. Then some history on the catacombs and finally, “The Empire of Death”. Lots and lots of bones and skulls. They are stacked along the path in alcoves based on the cemeteries they were dug out from.

Watching thousands of bones while an unidentified liquid drips on you is a bit creepy, I can tell you. It was raining outside and according to an attendant, the rain water filters through the ground and then drips on everything. There were even tiny stalagnites on the ceiling.

We rounded off our day of the dead with a visit to Père Lachaise cemetery. The weather was fittingly grey and dismal. The cemetery is big and old and still in use. Lots of famous people are buried there. The most famous is probably Jim Morrisson, who we visited as well. According to the Internet(tm), the grave is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Paris, but again, not in February.

2 thoughts on “Arrête! C’est ici, l’empire de la mort.

  1. I had fun reading your post :-)
    Just one note: the stones that grow from the ceiling are the stalactites. I spare you my (German) memory hook that helps me to tell apart stalactites and stalagmites.

    • See, I knew that (and I remember the menemonic device). I could have sworn I wrote that. Oh well, I’ll claim it was on purpose, to get comments ;-)

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