Beaucoup de vacances scolaires en France

France has a lot of school holidays. According to this page, during a school year, there are two weeks of Toussaints (All Saints’) holidays in October, two weeks of Christmas holidays in December/January, two weeks winter holidays (end of February/March) and two weeks of spring holidays (April). And of course July and August.

During school holidays, there’s no French course, so I decided to visit Austria again. This time, I’ll take the train. It’s a 12 hour ride with a change in Frankfurt. I figured I have enough time and can always work/read. I booked via CaptainTrain, which was cheaper than the French rail and was pretty painless – if it hadn’t at the last second directed my payment to mastercard securecode. A payment method that is very secure, because I very often give up in frustration and end up not buying anything. This time I persevered and voilà, I got four tickets via email, two of which I will have to pick up at a Paris train station. I’ll be in Vienna from the February 22. I’ll be trying to see a few people I couldn’t see last time I visited. And the triplets, of course!

So let me know if you are in Vienna and want to meet!

And here a few pictures I took in the last couple of weeks, because nothing much else has been going on. I’m still in some sort of hibernation mode, though I hope this will improve because it’s getting warmer again.


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