Encore un essai

Our visit to the social security offices was totally different this time. The form from the Austrian health insurance was never mentioned again, instead Gergö got a French form (S1104) to fill out and a list of documents to supply. He had found the form online before and rejected it, because one of the first bits you have to fill in is the social security number he wants to request. Turns out, this is the right form after all. The other thing we learned is that he needs to translate his birth certificate again.

He did that, already during the lenghty process of being employed here. That was just a regular translator, however. Now he needs a translation by a oficially licensed translator. There’s a confusing list online. He spent an entire train ride to Paris grumpily complaining about it.

I can’t request my social security number with CPAM, because I’m not salariée, but indépendante. I have to talk with RSI, which is not in Massy, but in Paris, close to the Bastille. It looks like I won’t need to have my birth certificate translated, though, because mine is in German. Birth certificates in the five most commonly used languages (whatever that might mean) German, English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese don’t need to be translated. I’m going there tomorrow, just to keep you entertained!


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  1. Man könnte auch eine internationale 10-sprachige Geburtsurkunde beantragen, aber dazu müsste er wahrscheinlich wieder persönlich aufs Amt in Ungarn…?

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