We went to Paris today, to check out the mall underneath the Louvre. What can I say, I felt like doing something touristy. We walked to the Louvre along the Seine, where the book sellers have their green stalls. It was so foggy, the Eiffel Tower was missing its top.

The Carrousel du Louvre mall is famous for the inverted pyramid:

The inverted pyramid is impressive.

and I have to admit, it is pretty impressive.

It’s also famous for its upmarket designer stores. Gergö questioned my wish to visit the printemps store with the designer handbags. Once a year I feel like confirming that I don’t like designer bags, shoes and accessories, even if they weren’t out of my price range.

Afterwards we wandered through the Louvre and the Tuileries garden, where there are statues and well kept bushes and an arc. I was quite surprised how inefficient Paris is. So many empty square metres that could be covered in Christmas market stalls. If this were Vienna, there would be a market in every courtyard and one along rue de Rivoli for good measure.


It’s definitely not the Arc de Triomphe, so I guess it must be the Arc de Adequacy. (insert rimshot here)


"Is this Rodin, what do you think?", Gergö asked. "Looks more like Pilates, actually." (I'm on a roll here)

“Is this Rodin, what do you think?”, Gergö asked. “Looks more like Pilates, actually.” (I’m on a roll here)

We made our way to Angelina, the famous café that serves the best chocolat chaud of Paris. Last time the queue was so long we gave up. This time, the queue was much shorter, but we still gave up and bought a chocolat chaud to go. It’s very thick and chocolatey, and remained tongue burningly hot the entire time.


English spoken. Man spricht deutsch.


I really enjoy walking around Paris and I’m slowly starting to connect the dots of Metro stops to an actual city.

This week we also visited a square that has 4 bookstores (Gibert Jeune), each with a different focus. We had coffee in a hipster café that roasts its own coffee. We also had beer on the traditional terraces of Paris, which are now enclosed in tarpaulin and heated.

Oh and we bought lots of food to bring to Austria for Christmas: crème de marron, caramel au beurre salé, saucisson sanglier, and nougat (the white one that’s made from honey and nuts). The fromage will be bought at the airport. Now is a good time to state your food preference :-)

No news on the health insurance front: on Friday I was told that it would all happen automatically once my micro-entreprise applicatipn goes through. I don’t believe that for a second but at least that means there’s nothing for me to do but wait.

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