L’automne est joli ici

We went to the ménagerie today. It’s the zoo in the Botanical garden. According to Wikipedia it’s the second oldest zoo in the world, after Schönbrunn. The architecture kind of reminds me of Schönbrunn. The ménagerie is much smaller though, and not (yet) renovated. They have fewer large animals, and apparently are very much involved in conservation efforts.

We saw orang-utans get fed and heard a bit about them. We saw a red panda, and I took a “Firefox is not responding” photo:

Firefox is not responding.

Firefox is not responding to your requests right now. Maybe at 16:15, when there’s a feeding.

We also went inside the former tortoise house. There’s an art installation now that I really liked:

art is hard 20151101_154323

We also heard a snow leopard meow. I didn’t realise large cats do that!

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