La vie continue

This weekend we went to the palais de la découverte – the science museum. In my head I always translated découverte as uncovered, as in, doesn’t have a ceiling and said something like that to Gergö. He said: “Yes, uncovered, like, you know discover.” All these years, I never noticed how discovery, Entdeckung, and now découvert all have the same meaning and root.

That was the first time that not just my bag was checked, but they also checked me with a magic metal detector wand, like at the airport. I could leave on my shoes and belt, though.

The museum is fun, even though we couldn’t see the “rat school” show, because it was already full with kids. We always joke about how we are usually the only people without kids at these places. This time it was even more apparent than usual. But now we have figured out that it’s a better idea to go early on a Sunday. Early, for people who don’t have kids and who like to sleep in is probably 1 pm. It gets much busier after the kids had their afternoon nap.

I also had a chance to find out that the entrance fee is really free for unemployed people, so yay for that! I can return some other time, when kids have to be in school and check out the rats all by myself. I also saw leafcutter ants and there were termite colonies to see. And there’s a room dedicated to π.

The dinosaur exhibition was pretty cool, too. First I saw the sign and thought “aww, how sweet, they try to scare us!”.


Then, I saw this:

There was also an Archaeopteryx, which was much smaller than I thought they were. All exhibit’s signs had a human in a different position next to a drawing of the dino, for scale.


In related news: Archaeopterix Jazz Hands will be the name of my next band.

After the museum we wanted to catch a bus on Champs Elysées. It made me feel all Christmassy, what with the Glühwein stalls, the heavy traffic and pissing rain in November. Or maybe I was coming down with the stomach flu, difficult to tell the difference, really.

Next week will be pretty busy, because what I thought was a one day course in job application, turned out to be a 4 day course. I really need to stop skimming stuff. And the invitation only mentions that it beginns at 9 am, but not how long it lasts, so I’m fearing the worst. Maybe these courses are better, if I don’t understand much of what’s going on. The clerk at the unemployment office said I don’t need to bring my computer, though, how good can it be, really?

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