The autumn holidays have started today (two weeks!). And it was about time, too: I’ve already had three weeks of french classes, three times a week. Thursday is for grammar, Friday is for conversation, and I’m not really sure about Monday. Last time we read a page of Jules Vernes, discussed it and got a writing exercise as homework.

The other students are a very interesting mix. Women (and one man) from so many different countries: Russia, Italy, Vietnam, Kambodia, Colombia, Ukraine, Estonia, Syria, Ethiopia, Portugal, UK, Romania, Poland, Hong Kong, Japan, China.

And I think I notice a bit of an improvement: I still have to ask pardon a lot, but now I usually understand it the second time around. Not that “C’est sera tout?” and “Veuillez un sac?” are very complicated concepts, but I still often don’t catch it the first time I hear it.

Today as part of the course, we got a guided tour through the Médiatheque where the course is twice a week. In case I ever think of going back, just remind me of the children’s librarian and I’ll change my mind. She makes sure she only gets quality material in proper good french. Our teacher chipped in with the lament of the terrible way the kids these days text all the time.

I found it really interesting that the library doesn’t collect any late fees. If you don’t return your items, you’ll get a notice and you can’t get any more items from the library. But at no point to they collect any fines! The librarian who guided us visibly disapproved of this policy.


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