I didn’t learn that word for a long time, because I didn’t need to. Whenever I bought a postcard I’d go “Do you also have …” and then trail off. Everyone knows what you ask for when you are holding a postcard.

Then I thought it’s “tamps” for a while. So many words are similar to the english term, so why not? Only now I looked it up to find it’s timbre, like the word for tone used in German.

French stamps also confused me in other ways. They don’t have their value printed on them. When I bought them for the first time I even briefly wondered what kind of currency g is the abbreviation for. Not my brightest moment. The g stands for grams, of course. The area the stamps are valid for is printed across the top – these are valid for Europe. The France on the bottom right stands for the issuing country, I think. I have to admit, I have no idea why she’s wearing a smurf hat.

One thought on “Timbres

  1. It is of course Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap the personification of Republican France. When you go the Town Hall her bust will be there.

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