Since the arrival of my running shoes in France, I slowly but surely ran out of excuses not to take up running again (See what I did there?). On Wednesday I finally did it. I downloaded a tracking app and went for a short run along the Yvette.

For a while I was running behind a walker, but it felt so ridiculous, I wanted to overtake him. I managed to do it, too, though it took much longer than it should have. It must have looked like when a bus overtakes a truck on the right lane on the autobahn by going 85 km/h.

Once I was past him, I couldn’t lose him, either. For one half of my run, he was there, walking behind me a couple of paces. He wasn’t even hurrying. I finally lost him, when I went across the bridge to run back home on the other side of the little stream.

Based on the advice of a running teacher, I carry the phone and keys in a little bag in the small of my back. Like a fanny bag but turned to my back. So there I was, across the little bridge, running along all alone in a quiet little forrest. When suddenly a stern female voice started talking German behind me. Well, at least I was alone, so nobody heard me shriek.

It took me a couple of seconds to remember: apparently I had hit a milestone defined by the tracking app and the phone told me my speed, distance etc.

It was a 20 minute run over a short distance. Despite walking half hour each way to the supermarket at least twice a week I have really really sore thigh muscles from this one quick run. I’m afraid this means I have to do it again. My training target is: running until I can take over a leisurely walker without problems.

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