Appelles tes parents!

We got an ad by a locksmith in the mail. It’s a leaflet you (are supposed to) put next to your landline, so you have all the important numbers handy, should there be an emergency.

I have so many questions regarding this thing:

  • Who even has a landline anymore?
  • If I lock myself out of the apartment, what use is this leaflet, lying next to my landline?
  • If mum’s and dad’s numbers are so important, wouldn’t I know them by heart? (I used to, when we all had landlines)
  • Why does a company that advertises being open 24/7 advertise with a landline number and not a cell phone number? (Cell phone numbers start with 06 or 07 in France)
  • I didn’t realise that the emergency numbers are only two digits long! What emergency service is the number 16 for? Why would you leave it out?