Vous pouvez nous visiter

It’s almost exactly a month, since we moved to Palaiseau. It’s time we get a visitor!

I’ll try and gather some important things about transport here:

  • airport transfer: We live in Zone 4 of Paris in Palaiseau/Villebon. It’s on Line RER B. Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) is on this same line. So you only need to find your way to the platform and take a RER B in the direction of
    Saint-Rémy lès Chevreuse.
    Paris Orly has a very regular shuttle bus (la navette Orlyval) that takes you to the RER B stop Antony. Careful, everyone else will want to go into Paris, you want to go further south to Palaiseau/Villebon. So you should take a train in the direction of Saint-Rémy lès Chevreuse.
  • A one way ticket from CDG to us costs 12 €. A trip from us into town is 3.55 €.
  • A ticket for the mettro/bus/tram is called ticket t+ and costs 1.80 € if you buy a single. 10 cost 14.10 €. These tickets are only valid in the RER (the Parisian S-Bahn) in Zone 1.
  • There’s also a Paris visite ticket that includes all public transport and a few reductions for visits. This includes trips to and from airports! It’s fairly expensive as you need zone 1-5. I have no idea, why there is no 4 days option:
    • 1 day: 25,85 €
    • 2 days: 39,30 €
    • 3 days: 55,10 €
    • 5 days: 67,40 €
  • There’s also a weekly / monthly ticket, but can only get them with a Navigo card (like the London Oyster card). These cards require a photo and cost 5 €. Then you can charge them with a weekly ticket, that since September 1, 2015 only costs 21.25 € for all 5 zones. This information is only available in French for now, the English page hasn’t been updated to reflect that.

So I guess which ticket is best depends on how long you stay, what your plans are and wether the ticket machine accepts your money. The one in Palaiseau rejects my bank card, others have accepted it.

Here’s also a route planner from the SCNF (the Parisian Verkehrsverbund Ostregion;).

One thought on “Vous pouvez nous visiter

  1. Probably worth noting: The train ride from CDG takes a little over an hour and offers nothing to see. Bring a book.

    More importantly: Although it is the same RER line, there are few (if any) direct trains from the airport to Palaiseau-Villebon. If the departure board doesn’t list any trains to Saint-Rémy, take one to Massy-Palaiseau and change there. The next train to Saint-Rémy will usually arrive in just a few minutes on the opposite side of the same platform.

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