Un week-end à Rennes

We took the TGV to Rennes on Saturday noon. Gergö pointed out that Rennes is not north of Paris at all – it’s west. As I said, my knowledge of geography of France is vague..

It takes about 2 very uneventful hours by train. Gergö excitedly showed me the train’s speed (calculated by his phone’s GPS) during the journey.

Rennes is beautiful. It’s also very young and lively. Lots of students here, three of which sold us toilet paper as a part of their semester “integration”. Shops don’t open before 10 and Many are closed on Monday or only open in the afternoon. Local specialities are galettes (buckwheat crêpes) and cidre. Beer is expensive and Belgian.

While Gergö is at his project meeting I’m in a café trinking chocolat chaud and typing away at my computer. I have just written my first application. I’m not sure i enjoy living the cliché. Then again, there are worse things than living the cliché next to a large selection of viennoiserie.

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