Trouver du travail est dur

I had a bit of a setback on Monday. I prepared a job application for a very promising sounding job, very carefully. I received an answer within 5 minutes of sending it, asking if I could get a “convention de stage” – a contract for an internship. I did a bit of research with this term and realised that it’s impossible to do an internship in France unless you are enrolled as a student in a university or similar.

I feel a bit dumb, because I missed that fact. I did some research on internships when I decided that this would be my fallback option, should I not find work soon-ish. I figured with my very limited French, internships would be easier to come by. But I completely missed the “convention de stage”.  And I don’t even think it’s a bad idea – having a law prohibiting hiring graduates for internships makes sense, I think. I spent the week feeling sorry for myself. Plan B fell through, so I have to go with plan A and find real work!

I’m recovered from my bout of self pity and started applying for various jobs (thanks for the pep talk, Ulli), some even in French. And I finally looked up french courses in Palaiseau and found Dire Lire (caution, ugly ugly website). It’s the Association d’aide à l’apprentissage du français. It appears to be run by nice elderly ladies. I suspect it’s the same kind of retired teachers who teach German to Syrians in Austria). At least that was my impression when I showed up there today to be evaluated for my level of French. I got signed up for 3 courses: Monday, Thursday and Friday and it’s only 75 € for all three for the entire year. Only downside: they are all in the morning.

And I really need these courses, because I still freeze in terror when people speak to me unexpectedly. Two people asked my for the way today, I think. I couldn’t help either one but second person at least I offered to look the address up on Google maps.

Wall of texts are generally boring, so here are a couple of photos of Palaiseau that I took while wandering around town today.

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    • I saw one today! It was skinned and wrapped in plastic though. I didn’t take a picture because I know quite a few vegetarians who’d find that disgusting. I was surprised that it’s actually smaller than the chickens on sale. The pictures were deceiving!

  1. Often domesticated birds are smaller than their cousins in the wild and guinea fowl on sale in France may not even be domesticated from the ones in the photos.

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