Tartes salées et sucrées

At the end of August I decided I need to expand my cooking horizon and make an effort of integrating into my new home country.

First, I researched the difference between quiches and tarts. After reading various cooking forum entries and of course Wikipedia, I conclude that quiche originally was only used for Quiche lorraine but now is used for any savoury tarts. Tarts can also be sweet, but only savoury tarts can be called quiche.

Secondly I started researching recipes. No matter what I do, I always end up with chefkoch.de. The recipe I decided on was not the shortcrust pastry dough (Mürbteig) I know – it contains cream cheese. And since moving here I always have fromage blanc at home. It worked out really well. My tart dish is probably a little too small for the recipe (26cm), so next time I’ll use a little less filling.

Today I wanted to try a sweet variant, to use up our very ripe pears. I settled on a caramelised pear tart, which proably is a Tarte Tatin (upside down & caramelized sounds about right). The recipe says that you should remove the pear juice before adding the pastry on top, which I skipped because the tart dish is difficult to handle when hot and full. so the caramelised pear juicy goodness spilled out. Then I wanted to turn it upside down using a large plate, which promptly broke in half before I could use it. So I had to use a smaller plate. That cause the remaining caramel sauce to spill down the side. Still, turned out looking good!

I will point to this blog entry, should I ever apply for citizenship ;-)

Edited to fix the typo in the title. d’oh.

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