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I hadn’t done a supermarket trip in a while, so I went ahead yesterday. Because I also hadn’t seen the nutrias the last couple of times I walked along the Yvette, I was extra alert. Instead of nutria I saw regular rats. My new theory is that feeding the ducks and nutria attracts rats, and that’s why the city put up traps.

Instead of nutria, I saw what I thought was a coot (Blesshuhn), but googling it now, I realise it’s a moorhen (Teichuhn).

common moorhen

This chick has crazy big feet

common moorhen pecking on the ground

On this picture you can see the red beak with yellow tip

On my way back from the supermarket I spotted the nutria again. It wasn’t in its usual place, but a little further upstream, munching on a fallen tree. NB: I’d take a house like that, with a garden backing onto the Yvette, ducks hanging out and nutrias visiting
nutria sitting on a fallen tree branch in the creek

nice place to live for ducks, people and nutria

close up of the nutria on the fallen tree

In the evening, Gergö and I went blackberrying again. Again, we didn’t find many ripe ones. I guess the birds are too quick for me. Instead we found a kiwi bush growing over a fence. And we saw the wild parrots Gergös friend was telling us about.

parrots sitting in a tree in the dusk
parrots sitting in a tree in the dusk

I think my next post has to be Parisian street art, to make up for all this nature talk ;-)

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