Ci et ça

I went into town on Friday. Apparently this was the first time since the rentrée (français for back to school). Lots more shops were open than the last time I was in town. I saw at least two more Boulangeries, two Vegetable/Fruit stalls, a tiny fish shop with a 2 metre big lighthouse outside, complete with a turning floodlight.

I also discovered the Fee Café, a cute little café that from its facebook page seems to be new. I’m the fifth fan! I had a delicious apricot-pistaccio tarte. I’m sure I’ll be back but it probably won’t become my local, because it doesn’t offer wifi. But definitely a place I’ll bring all my visitors to, especially the ones loving salted caramel.

On my way home from town I saw a grey heron (Graureiher), again. I’d seen one before along the Yvette, but this time it was coming from the direction of the town and flew right over me as I was standing across from my house. I’m pretty sure I was standing in the middle of the road with my mouth wide open, staring at it as it flew past. Huge birds! Watch this space for blurry pictures of large birds ;-)

The weekend was very rainy, so I stayed in and did some programming and finally sent a few job applications. The website I’m making for a friend is coming along nicely and the web app I’m building for my dad is in a testable beta version, I’d say.

As a treat for these small successes, I bought myself a weekly pass for the train and went into town. I haven’t bought new clothes in a long time, so I went to Les Halles – a very big underground shoppping mall, and got a few things. Now I have a “nice” hoodie, should I be invited to a job interview ;) . I also got a present for the triplet nieces: a fluffy ball that’s very easy to grab. The shop assistant asked me if it was for me or a present (Apparently, I look much younger than I feel ;). I didn’t quite catch it and expected something like “would you like a bag?” or “is that everything?”, so I said, “Oui, c’est tout”. Contrary to the stories I was told before I came here, most people speak English and automatically switch to English when you stare at them wide-eyed and then go “Pardon?”. Or if you say something seemingly completey random.

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