Un festival à Palaiseau

This weekend there was a festival in Palaiseau – aoûtside. It’s a pun of août (August) and outside.

This year’s was the 6th aoûtside festival. It was in a big sport stadium close by and admission was whatever you wanted to donate. There were two stages with music, a geodesic dome where t-shirts were sold, a lightpainting booth, two bars, a food truck selling Indian street food, a foodtruck selling barbe à papa (candy floss!), a book swapping corner, people dressed in Hippie clothes, lots of young people smoking weed, a battle rap (is that a German expression? a false friend?), lukewarm white wine in plastic cups, dry port-a-potties that use saw dust instead of water, furniture made from pallets – in short: anything you would expect from a festival ;-)

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NB: the new gallery looks nice, doesn’t it? but it only offers three albums in their free version, then you have to pay. also the first upload attempt failed halfway through, so i started it again. now some pictures are in there twice and deleting is also a premium feature…


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