A couple of facts about Palaiseau: I like to call it Baden of France, because it has about 30 000 inhabitants and is about half an hour by train from Paris. Palaiseau is part of Essonne departement, which in turn is part of the Île de France region.

Edited to add: thirty minutes from Palaiseau to the city center!

While the area seems very green and rural to me, with lots of parks, flowers, birds, and bees, it’s really all part of Paris conurbation with no noticeable gap between towns. We live on the border of two towns, Palaiseau and Villebon, and if it weren’t for the Yvette separating the two towns I wouldn’t have noticed.We also learned that Palaiseau manages things like bus services, garbage collection, and a couple more city services together with neighbouring towns. Since it’s a rather steep town, with the center on top and us on the bottom, I really need to figure out the bus service. I know myself, I won’t bike uphill.

Palaiseau has a market on Thursday and Sunday mornings, where we bought cheese and veggies and fruit today. The fruit stall sells what I’d call Kriecherl and they call Mirabelle (both types of plums, I can’t tell the difference, really). And also Reine-Claude which in my mind I translated as Queen Claudia and couldn’t place at all. Weird green looking fruit. Until Gergö said “It’s called the same in German, Ringlotte!”. The mind boggles! Wikipedia(de) lists the names perfectly for me to imagine how it went: Reineclaude, Reneclode, Reneklode, Ringlotte. Just another type of plum.

Mirabelles from the market square

Mirabelles from the market square


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