le supermarché

Almost every day, Gergö and I go on a pilgrimmage to our local Auchan. It’s an enormous Supermarket (think Interspar) that sells everything from milk to washing machines.We’ve been so often, that I wondered if the security thinks we are casing the joint.

On our last day in Vienna we had to make a couple of snap decisions what to leave behind in boxes to be sent to us and what to bring right away. So apart from buying groceries at Auchan, we also wanted to stock up on things like towels, an extra sheet, a swiffer, a french press and things like that.

We tried different paths to reach Auchan. The shortest also seems to be the nicest: a mostly flat path along the Yvette, under trees. Then there’s a short steep climb up a slope, over a crash barrier and voilà. There’s also a bus, but the summer schedules are pretty bad and whenever we wanted to use it we didn’t have the 2 € you need in change handy.

If you have ever travelled with me, you know that I LOVE other countries’ supermarkets. And this one is so big, there’s something new for me to discover every time we go there. While Gergö checks out the cheeses, I usually have a look at the pastries. They sell meringues the size of my head! Also smaller ones with strawberry flavour or covered in chocolate.

Gergö bought foul smelling cheese that looks like Jabba the Hut. Whenever you open our fridge it smells like Jabba died in there.

Jabba the Hut in cheese form. It's delicious / disgusting

Jabba the Hut in cheese form. It’s delicious / disgusting

I also saw: a bag of 120 frozen escargots (snails) for 19.99 €, a bag of ice cubes for 3.50 €, a 5 kilo bag of durum wheat semolina (Hartweizengrieß), sparrows (flying around, not for sale), special dishes to cook / serve escargot in. Oh and a extension cord with a built in USB port.


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