Nous sommes arrivés

Yesterday, we arrived in our new hometown for the next 18 months, Palaiseau.

Despite giving selling, giving away, donating, and throwing away most of our stuff, we still had 2 bags each and I had three boxes I wanted to send by mail (thanks, mum!). In a last minute struggle to remain under the 23 kilo baggage limit and my discovery of a few more dresses and bags hidden behind a door we never close we ended up with two more boxes to send (thanks, dad!).

The flight and train ride was mostly uneventful but very sweaty. I enjoyed being welcomed by this ad in France, though:


Arriving in Palaiseau-Villebon, Gergö made his first ever phone call in French. It went well, at least I think so, because our landlady came to pick us up. Gergö ended up walking, though, because her car wasn’t big enough to fit the luggage AND two people. The apartment is very close to and all downhill from the train station.


When we first saw photos of the apartment, we said “grandma died, and all this stuff is still good”. It has old, dark wooded furniture, with the occasional IKEA item thrown in, like the new bed and a fold out sofa. It also has wooden floors, a nice little balcony, a small pantry, two secretary desks, another small storage room, a walk-in closet in the bedroom and pretty eccentric wiring. One of the first things we tried, of course, was the internet connection. Gergö couldn’t get it to work and thought the extension cord is broken. It turns out, the modem/wireless router works just fine, but only when the living room light is turned on.

So far, the biggest mystery of this apartment is the complete absence of radiators and a thermostat. We don’t know if that means we have heated floors or that our landlady will bring in an electrical radiator when it gets cold. Gergö saw a small building called Chaufferie, so there’s still hope. We won’t find out about it for a while, though, as our landlady went on holiday today.

So did apparently everyone else here, including the caretaker, the bakery, the museum, and several shops and restaurants in town. Those that remain open have mediterranean opening hours with a lunch break from 12:00 to 15:00.

I’ll post pictures from the walk along Yvette and from town tomorrow.

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  1. .. sounds like a good start! Love the tiles ;-) and the desk secretary .. looking forward to see more of Yvette and the surrounding and of course .. where are the baguettes :-D?

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