Encore un week-end, encore une promenade

Two weeks since we moved here!

Our weekend was very quiet. We are both not used to not having to prepare the move, we were at a loss what to do with ourselves ;-). We didn’t want to go to Paris, because we are waiting for main tourist season to be over. And instead of studying French or watching a French movie, we binge-watched Orange is the New Black. This won’t help with my language skills, but in case my cheese smuggling operation ever gets busted, I’m all set.

On Saturday we went for a walk, and since this time there was no shopping to be done, we went along the other direction of the Yvette.

(Heads up: I’m trying a new, better gallery for my photos)

Westwards along the Yvette

Edited to add: not happy yet with the gallery – doesn’t show my comments on the pictures and doesn’t let you navigate with cursors through the album. bummer..

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